Success Stories

We love hearing when candidates from up & down the country pass their interviews & assessment centres. We are lucky that many of those who use our Online Programmes or attend our Masterclasses and Personal Consultations write some nice stuff about us.

Thank you for all the advice and input into writing my CV to a brilliant standard, having not needed a CV in years your insights have been invaluable..



I was looking to sharpen up my interview technique and raise my intensity ahead of an important interview. Interviews have always been a bit hit and miss for me. Sometimes I have done well and sometimes I have done badly. But I haven’t really known why. Neil is the first person who has been able to tell me why. In a couple of two hour Skype sessions he completely changed the way I look at and approach interviews. I can’t believe how woefully unprepared I would have been walking into my interview without the coaching sessions Neil gave me. I highly recommend bselected. I aced my interview.

Michelle: Director

I had coaching sessions with Neil which was a very eye opening experience. Although I have a good understanding of recruitment processes already and I felt that I needed to be at the top of my game. I always believe in personal development and in improving oneself. Neil has a great structured programme but he is also very flexible and always aligns his programme to individual goals. I learned new techinques on how to structure my answers and improve my communications. I would recommend Neil to anyone who wishes to understand the secrets of recruitment and interview process..

Yvonne: PMO Consultant


I had an interview for a very well-know company and I had no idea how to prepare for it. I contacted Neil from bselected who was very supportive and gave me the essential interview structure I required. As I was in Spain, we arranged skype sessions to prepare structure effective answers for a competency based interview. He coached me to be able to deliver a strong, structured competency based interview. I was completely prepared and I knew exactly what was expected from me in the interview. Thanks to Neil, not only I received a really good feedback, but also I got my first job and I honestly can’t recommend this service highly enough. Many thanks bselected!

Ana: Actuary BUPA

I contacted Neil at bselected as I had an upcoming interview for a great job that I really wanted. Neil and I arranged 3 Skype sessions that we scheduled for early evening after I had finished work. This was really important as my interview was only a few days away and this flexibility and convenience made a big difference to me. In the sessions I learned the theory of being successful at interview but essentially I learned how to successfully implement this theory through some intensive role plays. It was really amazing working with Neil and I honestly know I would not have been successful without all the help I got from him.

Ruth: Finance Analyst


Having found myself redundant after 14 years, I spent a couple of days with Neil who helped me with interview preparation and gave me a whole new insight into the world of HR and recruitment. Neil helped me prepare for all types of interviews and assessments and gave me the tools, skills and confidence to ensure that I got the new role I wanted. I have found his expertise invaluable and continue to use these methods when recruiting for my own team.

Kate: UK Divisional Head of Marketing and PR

I went to Neil for help on my interviewing techinque after feeling like I was falling way short of my potential. Within the space of a day Neil managed to turn my long winded, waffly answers into pointed and focussed answers that delivered excatly what interviewers are looking for….be under no illusion, you’ll still need to go away and practice what you’ve learned but Neil is there on the end of a phone or email to support you ongoing. It was a massively positive day for me and I feel like it’s all back in my hands now.

Ben: FMCG Controller

Ben C

Attending a personal coaching session with Neil, helped me to build my confidence for my graduate assessment day, for which I was really nervous as I didn’t know what to except. I spent a day with Neil and, step by step, we reviewed in detail how to 1) confidently deliver a presentation about my suitability and why I choose the company 2) structure effective answers for a competency based interview 3) use tips and techniques for the group exercise. We still keep in touch after our meeting and Neil continues to reply to all my inquiries by mail or phone. He is friendly, easy to work with and I am so much more confident now, thanks to Neil.

Roseline: Economics and Management Graduate

I would recommend anyone seeking recruitment and promotion support to get in touch with Neil. I’ve recently been successful in gaining a significant promotion after an assessment process that took 5 months and I honestly couldn’t have done it without Neil. I really can’t praise him enough. He has advised, supported and encouraged me every step of the way, keeping me motivated and focussed throughout. Not only is his experience about recruitment tools and processes second to none but he has brilliant interpersonal skills, putting me at ease immediately. He took the time to get to know me and to understand my concerns and worries before then providing a programme of support that was totally tailored to my individual needs. My personal coaching sessions with Neil were extremely useful and also really enjoyable. Enjoying the process was not something I had thought possible yet Neil somehow managed to make it all quite fun! He also has the most amazing ability to be able to give honest feedback about performance while simultaneously building confidence and self-esteem, a quality I can only dream off. He demonstrated a genuine interest in my development and success and when my final stage interview was delayed for over a month due to illness, he went that extra mile by keeping in touch and continuing to support me well past what was in my official programme. Neil, I really can’t thank you enough and I am just so grateful that I was able to access your expertise and advice..

Roz: Governance Manager


Neil is very friendly and easy to get along with, he elucidated the rules of the “game” that essentially takes place during the recruitment process and competency based interviews. I had several “Aha!” moments where it became clear how to impress the interviewer. Neil has a talent for an “honest” appraisal of your current performance whilst simultaneously inspiring confidence – rather an odd experience! He is a wonderfully objective critic, the sheer speed of learning is incredible. The sessions are very dynamic, I was engrossed in the learning process and found it thoroughly enjoyable. Certainly more like a day at Alton Towers than a school day grind! After retiring from a career as a professional cyclist having never taken a single interview in my life, the thought of my upcoming interview with Barclays turned me into a nervous wreck. In the two short sessions my confidence soared. Thanks Neil. Oh yeah, I got the job!!! Interview success record 100%.

James: Customer Service Manager 

Neil has the ability to get to the heart of the matter, whether it’s improving your CV, job application or re-defining interview techniques. He helps you to build upon your strengths and identifying areas that you need help with. This could be through introducing new or specific techniques, some self-reflection as well as ways to boost your confidence. He also, tells it like it is, expands upon his industry experience, building a plan of action that you take with you. The whole experience was very fulfilling and it made me realise how rusty I was. It was definitely worth the investment, as I had an interview days later and I sat in front of the interview panel, knowing I had an edge, I knew how to sell myself and I got the job, all thanks to Neil!

David: Lecturer & Teacher


My CV was not getting the attention I hoped it would in getting me interviews as I’d originally written it 10 years ago and just added to it since then. Neil was very quickly able to point out the areas which were letting me down and suggested a new format that would help sell my skills and achievements to employers. Within 2 days of my new CV being sent out, I had secured my first interview as well as gained the attention of several recruitment agencies to be put forward for new roles. One of my interviewers even said “Your CV is very well laid out, it’s nice to see that for a change!”e.

Ben: Proposition Manager

I travelled from Northern Ireland twice to attend Assessment Centre and Interview coaching for the final stage of a graduate programme. I was very impressed by all aspects of the training. Each session was tailored specifically around me and the things I wanted to cover. Neil knows exactly what he’s talking about. He explained what to expect on the day and the simple ways of gaining points. I went through different practice exercises with him where he provided honest feedback. This is what I really liked about Neil, he isn’t afraid to tell you exactly how it is. If you need to develop something he’ll tell you as well as explaining how to improve it. It’s a great mix of confidence boosters and knowing what to work on. The service as a whole was fantastic. Neil even brought me to and from the airport. I’ve also received great after care service. I still contact him for advice and he’s more than happy to provide it. He does have a genuine care for his clients. All of this resulted in getting my dream job in London on a graduate scheme with a building company. I really couldn’t have asked for more. Would highly recommend!

Peter: Liverpool University Gradaute


Having spent over 15 years at the same company I found myself at risk of redundancy. I had only experienced internal interviews during this period and felt that my interview skills needed some polishing in preparation for interviews in the external market place. I spent two half days with Neil working on answers for a competency based interview, ensuring that the answers would promote my skills and expertise while meeting the needs of the interviewer. The work we did improved my answers dramatically by really focusing on the question being asked and ensuring the answers were tailored to contain the key skills and experience that the interviewer was likely to be looking for. I would thoroughly recommend spending time with Neil to develop competency based interview skills. It was time and money well spent and resulted in successfully interviewing for a new role within my current organisation.

Ann:  Senior Regional Customer Marketing Manager

After being invited to attend my first assessment centre I was nervous and didn’t know what to expect from the day. A day with Neil, learning about assessment centres, helped put my mind at ease. His in-depth knowledge of how assessment centres work and what companies look for and assess you on during each exercise helped me know what I should be doing and saying during each exercise. He is informative and gives honest feedback to get you fully prepared. I came away feeling much more confident and went into the assessment centre feeling calm as I knew what to expect and what the assessors were looking for. I would 100% definitely recommend Neil to anyone looking to get the upper hand in their job search. I have started on graduate scheme for a major utilities company. I definitely couldn’t have got the job without Neil!

EmmaDurham University Graduate


Speaking as a university student, the instruction that Neil gave me as I began my job search was second to none. With his clear, concise and highly professional manner he helped me transform my CV from a being a dull and uninteresting list, to a fully developed and eye catching testimony of who I am. As an ex-recruiter, he always gives you sound advise about what you should aiming for and how you can best present yourself both in interviews and on paper. He takes an honest no nonsense approach, delivering results that I could not have imagined. I feel 100% more confident about applying for jobs and sending my CV to prospective employers. I have complete faith that what he has taught me will set me apart from the rest. I urge you to get in touch with Neil and give yourself the very best chances. With Neil’s help I secured a fantastic graduate program based in Bangkok with a major drinks company. Thanks a lot, Neil!

Harry: Leeds University Graduate

As a line manager I have experience of interviewing/recruitment and so felt confident going in to my first external interviews in years. After a couple of interviews I hadn’t secured an offer and found my confidence was dipping. My personal consultation with Neil showed me how to re-balance and re-shape my responses to interview questions. I was able to put this into practice within days at a first stage interview and I received fantastic feedback on how my technique really demonstrated my ability against the company’s key competencies and I got the job!

Maggie: Customer Marketing Team Leader


Too many CV’s just list previous job roles and responsibilities. There is often too little emphasis on outcomes achieved and the key competencies individuals have that have underpined thier success. Potential employers want to feel reassured you have self-awareness about ‘how’ you have achieved results, as this increases the probability you can transfer your learning to a new environment or role. It pays to get your CV reviewed and I’d recommend Neil highly in helping you get your CV fit for purpose..

Rob: Company Director

Neil gave me the confidence that I was lacking to attend an interview for a new career field and not feel out of my depth. The structure that he gave me really helped me to focus on the subjects I needed to study and practice in the weeks leading up to the interview. I will use what I have learnt for the rest of my career.

Charlie: Retail Manager


I thought I knew how to produce a quality CV and prepare for interviews. However, as my career progressed, I found that I was failing to secure the jobs that I had applied for. Through Neil’s guidance in re-writing my CV and working on my interview technique, I secured the very next role I applied for. Feedback I received from HR following the interview was that my CV was the best they had received and I had answered questions in a structured and clear manner and with the depth of detail they expected from candidates. <strong>This gave them the confidence to appoint me.

Grant: National Account Manger 

After years of being promoted from role to role there was little doubt I was rusty at the formal interview process. Neil’s personal coaching and depth of experience was fundamental to improving my interview standard, providing real time practice and solid mentally preparation. For me it’s well worth the investment of the bselected clinics to ensure you can <em>be the best you can be</em> and a little coaching has been the motivation and focus I needed to improve my standards. Furthermore Neil’s commitment goes beyond the single session, following up and ensuring you are truly prepared for the next interview. Thanks for the support.

Hamish: Brand Group Manager 


The personal CV success consultation I had with Neil was second to none. We worked together to radically change my CV for the better and in particular I really valued the objective view of a highly experienced corporate and recruitment professional, that Neil gives. This was critical to making my CV look professional but more importantly it ensured the content was clear, concise, impactful and really sold my skills and achievements. My CV now has the professional image and gravitas that gives me confidence to send to any employer. I have no hesitation in recommending the bselected CV success consultation. The outcome was 100% worth the investment.

Ben: Senior Manager

After spending a few months attending a number of interviews and just missing out, I attended a personal consultation with Neil. I can honestly say this was the best interview coaching I have ever received. His no nonsense approach really makes you think about the way you come across to potential employers. He works with you to improve your techniques and style. This in turn gave me renewed confidence in myself. I subsequently attended two separate interviews and was offered both roles! I honestly can’t recommend this service highly enough.

Katie: Customer Product Manager


The Interview Success Course provided by bselected that I attended in preparation for a competency based interview enabled me to not only be completely prepared, but gave me the comfort and confidence to clearly express my experience and fit for the role, which I was ultimately offered.

Ann: Portfolio Manager

Without question, by adopting the coaching from several of the bselected course I ensured I was both fully prepared and in the right frame of mind <strong>to achieve promotion at my current company. I will continue using what I learned in my day to day life and my career moving forward.

James: Field Sales Manager


The personal consultation that Neil gave me in order to be successful in achieving a Field Sales Manager role was exceptional. He helped to improve my CV to make it clear, concise and job role specific. He then coached me to be able to deliver a strong, structured competency based interview. Not only was I offered the role but I have subsequently been able to coach the above practices to members of my team, which in turn has led to a promotion for one of my direct reports.

Claire: Field Sales Manager

The personal consultation that I had with Neil transformed my CV. The session changed it from being uninspiring and plain to a first class document that really stands out from the crowd and helps sell my best qualities and achievements to prospective employers.

Simon: Area Sales Manager