Online Interview Coaching Programme

Online Interview Coaching Programme

Our highly interactive Online Interview Coaching Programme will help you prepare for interviews effectively & efficiently through various tasks, explainer videos and other learning resources.

The programme will give you the essential theory of competency based assessment that you need in order to succeed, and introduce you to two powerful structures –  STAR+ & REDSTaR© that will massively simplify your interview preparation.

The online interview coaching programme gives you step by step guidance on how to write exceptionally strong interview answers – in essence creating answer templates. You are then able to build brilliant answers that will maximise your chance of success for any interview question that you may be asked.

The coaching is based on bselected’s 3 Pillars Of Success©: Content, Structure & Delivery (click on each for more detail).


– How you are assessed & marked.
– The 5 Elements of a High Scoring Answer.
– Preparing & selecting your best evidence.
– Demonstrating awareness & responsibility.
– Incorporating broader impact into your answers.
– Demonstrating organisational values & ethics.


– Using The STAR+ structure to answer behavioural answers
– Using bselected’s unique REDSTaR© structure to answer situational questions.
– Video examples of ‘What good looks like’ so you know what to aim for.
– Build a template that can be used for all answers required.


– Positively influencing your assessors.
– The importance of non verbal communication.
– Taking control of your interview.
– Video examples of ‘What good looks like’.

A key part of the Online Interview Coaching Programme are the “What Good Looks Like Videos” that show benchmark interview answers and demonstrate what you should be aiming for. Clients find these extremely beneficial as they prepare their own interview answers.

The programme also includes courses to help you tackle Role-play and In-tray exercises if they are part of your assessment process.

You will have 4 weeks access to the online interview coaching programme from the first time you login.

You may also wish to upgrade your coaching with our 1:1 Interview Coaching to turbo charge your preparation. Click here for more information.

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More Success Stories!

After spending a few months attending a number of interviews and just missing out, I attended a personal consultation with Neil. I can honestly say this was the best interview coaching I have ever received.- Katie, Product Manager
The personal consultation that Neil gave me in order to be successful in achieving a Field Sales Manager role was exceptional.- Claire, Field Sales Manager
The coaching provided by Neil in preparation for a competency based interview enabled me to not only be completely prepared, but gave me the comfort and confidence to clearly express my experience and fit for the role, which I was ultimately offered.- Anne, Customer Marketing Manager
Neil gave me the confidence that I was lacking to attend an interview for a new career field and not feel out of my depth. The structure that he gave me really helped me to focus on the subjects I needed to study and practice in the weeks leading up to the interview. I will use what I have learnt for the rest of my career.- Charlie, Manager