Police Promotion Assessment: Use RED-STAR+© to guide you to success

macandphone-home-corporateIt’s reassuring to see that Police Forces across the country are now starting to announce promotion process for 2016. Clearly the autumn budget has eased some of the austerity pressures and helped Forces adopt a more optimistic approach to workforce planning. Some are even preparing for external Police Constable recruitment and transferee opportunities – a continuous cycle of new staff is vital for any organisation to grow and evolve.

This will start to provide officers with much needed hope, although this is no time for complacency or over-confidence. Whilst these opportunities are well-overdue, HR and workforce development professionals are having to design ever more competitive selection processes to whittle down the hundreds qualified to apply for often a handful of posts. This presents as a real challenge to officers who have either never previously been through a promotion or selection process or did so many years ago. And a note of caution to taking advice from well-intentioned colleagues – they are likely to be in the same position as you with regards to understanding of the process.

Over the past year we have found an increasing introduction of situational based questions, which work on the premise that an intent to behave predicts future behaviour.

Situational based scenarios or questions require the candidate to demonstrate the desired competency by how they would behave in a hypothetical situation…“How would you…”. These questions are often based on a leadership or ethics scenario, questioning how you would act or respond.

These can be difficult questions to answer and in our experience often throw candidates, causing unnecessary fear and panic. They require a different preparation and delivery style from the more standard behavioural based questions (which also require the right understanding and preparation).

Remember, know what to expect, how to prepare and how to deliver…

In bselected’s Police Promotion Success Masterclass or personal 1-2-1 coaching sessions we introduce unique assessment structures to help you deliver a high scoring answer and maximise your chance of promotion success.

RED-STAR+© focuses specifically on situational/hypothetical based questions (interview or presentation). This structure helps you demonstrate the desired behaviours with confidence, no matter what the scenario you are faced with. Remember, great preparation results in great delivery.

For both behavioural and situational questions, bselected introduces the 5 Key Elements of a high scoring answer, navigating you through assessment and preparation skill theory.

Whilst understanding the theory is important, very important, implementing this theory is critical, and often very difficult when under pressure. You’ve got to be able to ‘walk the talk’ when it counts. That’s why each bselected Masterclass includes a highly interactive video role-play module, time dedicated to ensuring you understand the theory and significantly improve your delivery.

The focus here is on learning, not training, developing people from the inside out so they can achieve their own individual potential. Promotion assessment is all about the individual, demonstrating your best leadership qualities.  We facilitate this by focusing on applied learning, changing behaviours, developing the person not just skills and knowledge.

Stage 3 of the recently introduced National Police Promotion Framework (2015) entails a competency-based assessment designed and delivered in force, under national quality assurance arrangements (Policing Professional Framework). It is important to note that there are a broad range of competency-based assessments, the main types being introduced to Police promotion processes bring:

  • Psychometric Test (e.g. Situational Judgement Test (SJT), Inductive Reasoning Test (IRT) or other such format) – focused on problem solving and decision making;
  • In-tray exercise and presentation
  • Stand-alone Situational or ethics/valued based Presentation
  • Board-style interview, consisting either or both Behavioural and Situational/Ethics based questions.

Previous articles by myself and Neil James, bselected recruitment and assessment specialist, cover these processes and other promotion based topics in in more detail. View the Resources page on www.bselectedpolice.com for a range of promotion support material.

bselected provides a range of services to hep officers understand and prepare for promotion assessment and selection. Each service is highly interactive and tailored to meet specific local needs, designed and delivered by a team of recruitment and assessment, HR and Force professionals. We work with officers nationally to help them achieve promotion success. For more details visit: www.bselectedpolice.com

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