The Effect of Twitter on Recruiters

I think this cartoon is unfortunately true as well as (slightly) amusing. Recruiters will process many, many CVs in a day spending a few minutes (at best) reading them. Without doubt many are instantly forgettable.

It’s a real challenge to make your CV stand out amongst this sea of mediocrity. Your CV will have to have sufficient impact and information to get the recruiters attention and for them to think that you are a possibility for the role in question, yet they need to be concise enough not to bore them.

However, many CVs are confusing, badly written, omit key points and focus on information that is not relevant or essential.

Does your CV make recruiters and employers sit up and take notice? Does it grab their attention in seconds? If not, it could probably do with a overhaul or it will be destined to never be put forward for jobs.

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